Execute all transactions and produce all reports required to complete a series of SAP business transactions for the Global Bike Company

BCO1049 / BCO2000   Business Process Modelling

Assignment 2: SAP Processes



The completed assignment must be uploaded to VU Collaborate (soft copy) by the due date and a hardcopy given to your tutor or submit in the assignment drop box if applicable to your campus. Make sure that you read all of the instructions before entering any data.


Execute all transactions and produce all reports required to complete a series of SAP business transactions for the Global Bike Company. 


  • ### replace by your GBI-number
  • Include the title bar in all screen captures


  • First page with following information:

o Title: BCO1049 Business Process Modelling, Assignment 2: SAP Processes o Personal information: (Remember to fill out the details below)


Student ID  
Tutors Name  
Tutorial Time  


  • Following pages: screen captures of the reports. Mention the numbers of the report.

Find the required reports, by:

  1. Using transaction <Search_SAP_menu>, type it in the command field 2. http://www.tcodesearch.comor refer to your SAP Workshops notes.


Take the screen shots of the report, by:

  1. Click on the title bar of the report page. Then press the “Alt+PrintScrn” button on your keyboard. The screen shot will be stored on the Windows Clipboard. Paste (ctrl+v) it in the appropriate place of this document. You may request your lecturer to demonstrate.(Or)
  2. Use a screen capture tool as SnagIt, Faststone Capture (both free trial) or Greenshot (Free ware)

Section A: Master Data

Task 1

Create a material master record: Material CHDX1###, Child Deluxe Bike.

The material is similar to the Mongoose Mountain bikei, created in the Production Planning – Master Data tutorial. All data is the same as the data of the Mongoose Mountain bike, with exception of the data in bold/blue. 

The material is part of the Mechanical Engineering industry sector. It is a Trading Good (Material Type: HAWA), i.e. a material which is purchased from a vendor and resold to customers; no additional processing is done. 

Use the following organisational levels:

Company Code US00 Global Bike Inc.
Plant MI00 Miami Distribution Centre
Storage Location TG00 Trading goods
Sales Org.  UE00 US East
Distr. Channel WH Wholesales



Use the following data:

Basic data 1  
Description Child Deluxe Bike  
Base Unit of Measure EA Each
Material Group Bikes Finished bikes
Division Bi Bicycles
Lab/Office 001 Laboratory 1
Gross weight 6000  
Net weight 6000  
Weight Unit G Grams
Sales Org. 1    
Tax classification 0

There are three of these to be entered. You may have to use the scroll bars to view them all.

Amount 1200 USD  
Per 1  
Sales: General Plant Data    

Research paper: Imagine you are writing an opinion piece for a high-quality publication such as The New York Times, The Atlantic, or The New Republic

Research Paper

Length: 2500 words 

Research a topic of your choice and make a reasoned, well-supported argument to get your audience to agree with you. Imagine you are writing an opinion piece for a high-quality publication such as The New York TimesThe Atlantic, or The New Republic (but use MLA referencing).

Your paper should

  • present a central thesis (argument, arguable position)
  • provide reasons to explain why your thesis is correct
  • provide evidence to support your reasons/claims/thesis
  • refer to at least 5 scholarly sources
  • refute potential counter-arguments by identifying fallacious arguments and/or refuting credibility of evidence, and
  • persuade the reader to think differently or take an action.


The topic is up to you, but don’t spend so much time deciding on a topic that you don’t have time to do research and make an argument. You might choose a topic related to your major or your personal interests. Form your topic into a research question that your paper attempts to answer.


Should marijuana be legalized for recreational use? Why or Why not?

Is science more important than religion?

What is the best solution to homelessness in Los Angeles?

What should ordinary Californians do to combat the drought?

How should America respond to the threat from ISIS?

Do corporations hold too much power in America?



Rhetoric and Critical Thinking

·      logical and detailed analysis

·      shows awareness of both sides of the issue

·      takes a clear, reasoned stance and provides evidence to support it

·      refutes potential counter-arguments, including pointing out fallacious arguments

·      uses elements of ethos, pathos, and logos to support position

·      uses rhetorical tools and strategies learned in English 1C



·      strong, arguable thesis

·      cohesive structure and transitions

·      correct syntax, word choice, punctuation, spelling, grammar, and language

·      shows awareness of audience through tone and language

·      focused and well-developed paragraphs that fit together to develop an argument

·      careful and original use of language



·      sufficient quantity and quality of secondary research

·      integration of examples from the primary text to support claims

·      secondary research supports claims and thesis

·      all sources properly cited in MLA format (in-text citations and Works Cited list)



·      document presented in MLA format (e.g. titles, headers, spacing)

·      correct font, font size, file format, etc.