Affordable Care Act

Affordable Care Act


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Affordable Care Act
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/0.5 Introduce your discussion in one (1) paragraph. The paragraph should end with a single-sentence thesis statement summarizing the purpose of the discussion. /3 Summarize one (1) section of the ACA that affects the population that you are preparing to care for. Include the name and number of the section associated with in your discussion. Discuss how the chosen portion of the ACA stands to affect (a) how you practice, and (b) the clients who seek your care. Support your conclusions with examples and current evidence. /3 Discuss how the selected ACA section is intended to improve (a) access to healthcare and (b) quality of care. /3.5 Discuss the economic and financial implications related to the selected ACA section. Use monetary and other pertinent data figures to support. /3 Use available evidence to analyze whether the ACA provision you chose is working or not working. Discuss your findings and support your conclusions with current research data. /3 How do APRN initiatives outlined in the ACA (eg, Medicare Graduate Nurse Education Demonstration, National Health Services Corps program, federally qualified health centers) (a) help the legislation achieve its intended goals and (b) promote the role of the APRN? Select at least one of these initiative to answer the posed question. Support your conclusions with current evidence. /0.5 Conclusion: Provide a single paragraph summary of the main points of the discussion. /2 Substantial cross posts to at least two (2) other students. Students should select ACA provision topics other than the topic selected for discussion in their initial post. The cross posts provide new or supplemental information to the original posting or raise additional areas for discussion. New or additional peer-reviewed references should be cited in both cross posts. /1.5 Students demonstrate active engagement in the discussion by responding to cross posts from their peers to their initial posting. References are not required for these responses. The key to this section is to demonstrate active engagement in the discussion through your interaction with your peers–watch for posts from your classmates and acknowledge their posting. *Note: if the student does not have peer cross posts for the initial posting, these points will be incorporated into the cross post section above

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