ASSIGNMENT DIRECTIONS: Arrange to interview an elder (preferably..

ASSIGNMENT DIRECTIONS: Arrange to interview an elder (preferably..

ASSIGNMENT DIRECTIONS: Arrange to interview an elder (preferably..

ASSIGNMENT DIRECTIONS: Download the document and ask the following questions:

Arrange to interview an elder (preferably age 70 or older) from your family or community, preferably someone who has lived in that community for a long time.

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ASSIGNMENT DIRECTIONS: Arrange to interview an elder (preferably..
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1.     What changes have they witnessed (social, technological, economic, etc.)?

2.     How do they think those changes have affected the family or community?



3.     How do they think growing up today is different from when they grew up, how do they think values in society have changed and what are the effects of those changes?


4.     How does their family history influence who they are? Do they wish they knew more about their family?



5.     Does their family continue to do what their ancestors did like eat the same foods, practice the same religion, celebrate birthdays or weddings (or other special events) in the same ways?


Reflect on what you learned by doing the interview

6.     What societal changes in the past 50 years have affected your family/community? How is growing up in your community different now?


7.     What did you learn about your family/community?


8.     What did you learn about the origins of your family/community in the U.S.?



9.     Connect your information to concepts from Chapter 3 such as social, family, national or cultural group histories, or the power of histories, Give a definition of the concept from the textbook and apply it to your information.




10. What part of the interview was the most interesting or meaningful to you?

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