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Best food to eat before and while studying this semester

Best Food to eat

Best Food to eat when studying: Many students find themselves getting distracted easily, or studying without retaining as much knowledge as they would want. Besides the apparent moods or studying position, other factors determine how effective your study time is. What you eat is one of the significant determinants! It is essential to eat healthily and just enough. Otherwise, you will be too full and sleepy to study.

Apples– As the saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away! These are just the best fruits to eat regardless of who you are! The vitamins, healthy sugar and fiber will go along way in helping your brain concentrate.

Bananas– These are full of Vitamins, potassium, and fiber with low salt and are pretty cheap!

Carrots– just like bananas, these are cheap, have plenty of fiber with low salt, plus proteins, natural carbohydrates, and calcium, potassium. What’s best is that you can just chew them raw!

Oranges– These provide you with plenty of vitamin C, calcium, potassium, healthy carbohydrates and several other vitamins. Oranges are also high in sugar meaning ample supply of energy. Notably, this sugar is not as much as snacks thus won’t disrupt your studies!

Peanuts– these “nuts” which are actually legumes are packed with proteins. These help in retention of information. These legumes also have high levels of carbs which help re-energize your body!


Oatmeal– is high in fiber and low on fat and calories. Delicious!

More Foods!

Green Vegetables Most people know that veggies should be eaten cooked, but raw veggies give you vitamin C and antioxidants. Get some broccoli and peapods!

String Cheese-Cheese is a better alternative to snacks, given the proteins it brings into your body!

Yogurt– yogurt supplies you with protein and little sugar- add the different flavors, and you have the perfect snack!

CoffeeModeration here! Too much of coffee disrupts your mind

Blueberries-Simply a superfood which increases motor skill function. They are a treat, especially when frozen!

Dark Chocolate -When consumed in moderation, dark chocolate provides antioxidants and will help you with natural stimulation. Production of endorphins is stimulated too, giving you the motivation and mood you need.

Eggs any sort of cooked eggs provide protein and choline which boosts memory and brain function.

Avocado Technically a fruit, but with fats, so not too many of them! They will improve blood flow and lower your blood pressure

Best Food

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