California State University Long Beach Amino Energy Persuasive Selling Speech Essay

California State University Long Beach Amino Energy Persuasive Selling Speech Essay

California State University Long Beach Amino Energy Persuasive Selling Speech Essay

Sales Speech

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California State University Long Beach Amino Energy Persuasive Selling Speech Essay
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General Purpose: To Persuade​

Specific Purpose:

  1. Attention:
  2. Attention Getter:
  3. Preview:
  4. Problem:
      1. Support:
        1. Support:


  • Solution:
      1. Refutation:
        1. Visualization:
          1. Benefits:
            1. Experience:


  1. Where can they buy?

Student Outline: Sales Speech (Starbucks)


General Purpose: To Persuade​

Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to buy Starbucks.​

  1. Attention:
  2. Attention Getter: Have​ you ever found yourself in desperate need to get some work done? Could you find a place to go do it? How about that feeling of wanting a nice cup of something?
  3. Preview: Well​ today, I will tell you about a brand that sells products and an environment to address problems you face, or will face in your life, why it’s a solution, the benefits of it, and where you can get your hands on the brand that will solve your problems!
  4. Problem:
    1. Many​ college students, like yourselves, have a lot of work to do. From being a student to working part-time and full-time jobs to interning to trying to just live your life. It can be hard figuring out how and where to do your school work.
      1. Support: According​ to Elizabeth Hopper from com in 2019, she believes in the theory called “social facilitation”. And what this means is if you do your work surrounded by other people who are doing their work, it doesn’t matter if it’s related to yours or not, you are more likely to be more productive than if you tried to work alone.
        1. So it sounds like a student, or anyone trying to get their work done, would need to find an environment that allows for them to work near other people who are also working, right?
      2. However, the environment should also be a comfortable place to work and study.​
        1. Support: According​ to James Link from Cornerstone University in 2017, he reminds us that your chosen work location will be used for hours on end and you should feel comfortable spending long amounts of time there doing work.
          1. This means you may want to grab a bite to eat or something to drink while you’re there and your location should have those capabilities.

Transition: Now​ that I have informed you about some of the problems that students and anyone who’s trying to get work done may face, let me tell you about a solution that will solve these problems.

  • Solution:
    1. A​ very easy solution to the problems of finding a sufficient work spot is going to your local Starbucks coffee house!
    2. According to the ​ Starbucks’ website in 2019​     ,  two core values they hold are:​
      1. “Creating​ a culture of warmth and belonging, where everyone is welcome.”
        1. Starbucks is very much aware of how their coffee houses are used as work locations, study spots, and just a place to catch up with friends … and Starbucks is very happy about this. Howard Schultz, who is the CEO of Starbucks, wanted to bring the Italian coffee bar experience to the United States and that’s what Starbucks is trying to live up to everyday it’s in operation.
      2. “Delivering [their] very best in all [that they] do. …”​
        1. Starbucks​ is executing this value by providing customers with a variety of drinks, food, and merchandise to choose from! They have coffee, shots of espresso for a boost, frappuccinos (which are ice blended beverages for that person in your life who has a massive sweet tooth), teas, lemonades… I mean you name it, they probably have it but if for some reason they don’t, you are able to customize your order to make your drink exactly what you want it to be.
      3. Refutation: Even​ with all of the great things Starbucks offers, from the drinks and comforting environment to study or work at, some​ people choose to stay away from it. And this is partly due to how “expensive” it can be.
        1. Yes, price is a determining factor for many people and affects many different decisions in your life; however, Starbucks provides high quality and customizable options based on your desires. You can go for a simpler drink at Starbucks that is around $2.00 for a cup of coffee or you can spend around $5.00 and get what you really want and that will make your experience more enjoyable.
          1. So​ instead of looking at the price and thinking it’s too much, just think about how much you are getting from that $5.00 you choose to spend at Starbucks. You would be getting a drink to keep you going, a place to stay and work, and the overall environment that Starbucks provides to encourage efficiency and productivity.
        2. Visualization:
          1. Benefits:
            1. If​ you buy Starbucks you are not only buying a beverage or an environment to do your work, you’re buying an EXPERIENCE.

Starbucks offers…

  1. A wide selection of drinks, food, and merchandise for you
  2. Customization and unique Seasonal Drinks you can enjoy during the Holiday seasons
  3. Happy Hour so you can enjoy a Starbucks drink and get one for your friend that’s FREE. Or you can just buy one for you and get another one Free for you too!
  4. A mobile app that you can use to earn points, rewards, and order your drink ahead of time so it’s ready for you, when you get to the actual location of your Starbucks
  1. Experience:
  2. So imagine… Walking into your local Starbucks coffee house after you just mobile ordered your drink. You hear the great playlist playing in the        background and see a bunch of people working at the different spots in            Starbucks. You find a place to sit down and do your school work and then              you hear your name called to let you know your drink is ready. You stroll              to the mobile order    pick up section, pick up your drink, and then you take​          a sip. You are satisfied with your drink and are ready to start working!

THAT is what you can get at Starbucks!

  1. Action:
    1. Where can they buy?
      1. You can find a Starbucks on pretty much every corner you look; they are everywhere! However, we have two right here on campus, one on the first floor of the Library and the other one at the University Dining Plaza, so it’s very accessible to you. But if you want to get off campus to enjoy your Starbucks experience there is one on Bellflower and Stearns AND another one on Palo Verde and Stearns. Both are about 5 minutes away from here according to Google Maps in 2019​.
    2. So feel free to explore to find a Starbucks that you enjoy the most, experiment​ with your drink or choose a classic, and most importantly get to work while enjoying the amazing Starbucks experience.

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