Comment how the tools could help marketers improve in the key areas outlined in the infographic.

Discussion 1

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The marketing tool I selected from the Marketing Marvels Podcast was titled How to track Social Media with Simply Measured. The podcast was very interesting in the terms that the Simply Measured company was able to develop an analytic tool that could produce an accurate end to end social media data pool that enables marketers to only need to use one tool to solve their marketing branding influence/engagement measurement on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.
Simply Measured has a clear and easy to navigate interface that provides a high-level analytics automation dashboard funneling tool that provides snapshots utilizing the listening tool within the social media platforms. The feature Word Cloud analyzes brands and keywords associated with its influence on what people are saying/feeling about the brand by running filters like #WilmU to generate a query report that displays Wilmu being mention throughout the social media platform. You also can drill-down to a specific time, day, month to find trends on the spike in the mention of WilmU so the marketer can replicate it.                                                            Another great feature Simply Measured provides is the total engagement that reveals the number of consumers that are interested in the brand or number of consumers that need more knowledge of the brand before purchasing. The tool can pinpoint different demographic areas and scan the mentioning, commenting, and thoughts on a brand. For instance, if marketing for a cell phone a map would appear pinning all the areas that have consumers that have expressed interest in the product the marketer can take that data to find influencers to advocate the brand to help it grow. Ultimately, Simply Measured is a beast of a tool that provides a lot of analytical data that can really help Marketers gather data to help gain a bigger digital print for its brand.

Discussion 2          

The marketing tool  I reviewed from the Marketing Marvels Podcast was the ClearVoice tool. The ClearVoice tool is a tool that allows an owner of a platform that produces many different kinds of content to be able to efficiently organize and manager each different component. The tool develops a real time updating calendar so that the owner is able to track the progress of each assignment, whether it is in the editing stage or draft stage. Furthermore  Content creators are able to see due dates, editors are updated real time of when drafts are submitted.

The Clear-view tool also allows the owner of the platform to upload personas of their target audience. This allows the content creators to better understand the audience of what they are developing the content for.

Lastly, Clear-view gives companies who are in need of content creators a marketplace to purchase content through a contributor network. Through this network platform owners are able to hire and pay contributors as well as build professional networks for future work.

Overall, Clear-view is a way for content producers to stay organized for content campaigns or initiatives by connecting them with a network of contributors while maintaining transparent deadlines and tracking of tasks.

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