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Concept Identify

Concept Identify

Concept Identify. Midterm Celebration of Understanding It is hard to believe that we are half-way through the course. This week we take a moment to pause and reflect on our journey so far. There are three steps to this midterm activity: 10-T, 2E – Concept, and “Rubber hits the Road” –

10-T Identify ten key terms that you feel are fundamental to the understanding of the subject matter of this course. Include the term in bold followed by a brief (but complete) definition of the term.

2E-Concept Identify one key concept that has been discussed in the first six modules of this course that you

found Enlightening or Empowering! Carefully select this concept – you will be using this step in

the “Rubber Hits the Road” activity.

Rubber Hits the Road

In this final step of this midterm project, you will prepare a personal and professional

application of the concept that you had chosen for your 2E-Concept. Be sure to address the


 How do/or will you use the skills, strategies, information gained on this topic?

 What do you find must challenging in reference to the application of this concept?

 What other resources have you found to further understand this concept and “dig a

little deeper?”

Upon completion of this project:

 Be sure you have your name in the header/footer of each paper

 Upload to the Midterm Celebration box prior to the posted deadline

 Enjoy the remainder of your week!

Module 7 Introduced on Monday, 10/22

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