Discuss the concept of labeling and social norms and how it…

 Discuss the conce

. Discuss the concept of labeling and social norms and how it works in creating group membership.

2. A subculture emerges around

Select one:

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Discuss the concept of labeling and social norms and how it…
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a. the gravitation of oppositional social actors towards each other.

b. subversive elements within society.

c. a bounded (but not closed) network of people who come to share the meaning of specific ideas, material objects, and practices through interaction.

d. None of the above.

3. A theoretical framework is

Select one:

a. a window that allows researchers to interpret the data.

b. a point of statistical reference.

c. a way to establish quantitative correlation between participants.

d. None of the above.

4. Becker’s concept of labeling is important to the study of deviance because it shows that

Select one:

a. labeling one as a deviant exercises a great deal of moral pressure upon them.

b. a deviant is someone to whom a label has been successfully applied.

c. make outsiders out of them.

d. All of the above.

5. Constructionists explain that deviance is the result of

Select one:

a. poor socialization within the family unit.

b. the lack of moral codes in mass media.

c. moral crusaders using techniques of neutralization to account for their norm breaking.

d. None of the above.

6. Constructionists study deviance by

Select one:

a. understanding multiple meanings of deviant behavior.

b. focusing on normality or non-deviant behavior.

c. studying the meanings shaped by social actors.

d. None of the above

7. The study of deviance is a way for sociologists to

Select one:

a. understand why criminals are born.

b. understand how to make a moral and just society.

c. understand how deviance ruins the lives of all of society.

d. understand social rules, order, and individual and collective behavior.

8. Homology refers to

Select one:

a. a culture that displays homogenous tendencies.

b. a culture constructed around conformity and compliance.

c. the relationships among ideology, image, and practice within a subculture.

d. None of the above.

9. Labeling most often results in generating

Select one:

a. angry youth.

b. self fulfilling prophecies.

c. antidepressant drug users.

d. social norms.

10. Stanley Cohen’s theory of Moral Panic

Select one:

a. explains the process through which deviance becomes a problem for an entire society.

b. describes a model of media sensationalism.

c. describes ongoing pressure by conservative elements within a culture for control.

d. charts excessive cultural responses to perceived threats.

11. Symbolic interactionists see culture as having to do with

Select one:

a. how institutions control the managing of labels.

b. how people think, feel and act in concert with others with whom they share understanding.

c. the struggle between dissenting agents in a society.

d. the core genetic identity of a group of individuals.

pt of labeling and social norms and how it…

Discuss the concept of labeling and social norms and how it…

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