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Houston city, Texas, USA, Mailto: support@assignmentsolutions.net

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I trust your services?

Every day we strive to become the best academic partner by offering services of the highest quality. We consistent endeavor to meet the deadlines and expectations of our customers without fail. We also aim at making your academic experience easier and rewarding. Lastly, we not only want to stay competitive in the industry but to be able to help students to achieve an ultimate success through our assistance. Kindly check our satisfied client's testimonials to see what they say about our services.

How confidential and private are your services?

We respect and maintain the privacy of all our customers. Our highest priority is the privacy of our client's personal information. We are registered under the Data Protection Act and hence guarantee the confidentiality of your personal information. Your data will not be disclosed to any third party under any circumstance.

Why do you think your company is unique?

Client satisfaction is also our priority. That is, our writers are professionals and they go through a tough vetting process to test their skills to ensure they deliver quality papers. Hence, any paper produced by our company is written from scratch and is 100% authentic. Furthermore, every complete paper is evaluated and proofread by our professional editors to ensure that the client gets an excellent paper.


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Do you offer revisions?

We pride ourselves on delivering flawless papers and meeting all our customer's expectations. Therefore if the paper received does not meet the expectations, we offer unlimited revisions to ensure every single detail with corrections is covered. However, our only condition is that your original instructions match your revision instructions. In case of any deviation, the client might be forced to raise another order for the revision as it's assumed to be a new order.

How do I get my paper after placing an order?

After the task is completed it is uploaded to your profile for you to download it, check if it has met the expected requirements if not you forward it back for revisions. In the event that you are unable to download it, we are always able and happy to resend the same completed task via email.

Can details be changed before the task is completed?

 We are committed to our client's expectations and requirements. Therefore, we offer free revisions provided that the original instructions remain constant. Otherwise, it will be treated as a new order and the client will pay for it.

Whom can I contact in case I have a problem with my order?

Simply visit our contact section and our support team will gladly assist. Most importantly, we keep you updated at all times regarding the status of your order via our interactive order messaging system in the customer portal.

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