Hispanic female patient

Hispanic female patient, who has been dealing with financial constraints in last years, has not been able to eat properly due to her economic situation, comes to your practice c/o that over the past 3 months she has felt increasingly tired. She states sleeping well at night. Her vital signs are B/P 135/74, R: 16; HR: 80, T 96.8. Pt denies dyspnea or palpitations. You order some blood work. Your patient’s chemistry panel comes back all WNL, and the fecal occult blood test negative. All the other results are shown below: WBC: Hematocrit: Hemoglobin: Platelets: 7600/mm3 27.3% 8.3 mg/dL 151,000 /mm3 RED BLOOD CELL (RBC) indices MCV 65mm3 MCH 31.6 pg MCHC 35.1% RDW 15.6% Fe 30 mcg/dL TIBC 422 mcg/dL Ferritin 8 mg/dL Vit B12 414 pg/mL Folate 188 ng/mL Answer the following questions: a) b) c) d) e) f) Which lab values are normal, and which are abnormal? Explain the significant of each abnormal value. Based on these results and her history. What would be your patient’s diagnosis?

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