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How to succeed as an International Student

Being an international student means you are not a native English speaker. Most probably, you have learned other languages as well so we cannot consider you to be an English Second Language speaker. You might be having plenty of challenges writing acceptable papers to your professor, or sometimes expressing yourself.

How do you overcome that challenge?

First, you may opt to learn English as a subject for a year, as many people do. But then, that will never be enough to get you writing perfect papers. So what option do you have? Well, you definitely have to improve your English, and the best way to do that is practice. Make English friends, of all ages. Children especially are the best people to practice with, while older people will always treat you with kindness especially if you are new to them.

Get a personal tutor

This may seem strange, but at times you may need a tutor to help you understand complex English words or even proofread and edit your papers. If you cannot afford a fulltime tutor, you can also get a tutor to help with written papers. Teaming up with your fellow international students will also play a big part especially if you all hire the same tutor.

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While it is important to learn a foreign language, especially one you need to use on a daily basis, it is recommended to keep practicing your natural language. Imagine going back home and being unable to converse fluently in your language? That would be embarrassing! With all the above suggestions, where do we leave room for it? At home of course! Whenever in the house, make it a rule to conduct ordinary conversations in your native language.


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