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Humanities Paper Guidelines

Writing a Humanities Paper


Your paper should be a critical thinking paper. Don’t just inform your audience of something. Remember to choose a topic and relate it to today. For example, in light of women in Egyptian society, don’t give an overview but consider why women were often considered equals during this time but eventually lost that right in other cultures. In addition, go beyond the topic. If you choose a person, focus on their achievements, such as their literary, religious, scientific achievements, and so on, don’t give a biography. If you focus on an artist, focus on one or two works of art. And remember your topic must be from the Prehistory to the Renaissance.


Write your paper such that it is easy to track the arguments you present. The thesis introduced in the first paragraph will have supportive arguments, each written in a separate paragraph. Topic sentences -which introduce the argument of each section- are very useful to your readers since they elaborate what to look for in the evidence that will be cited within each paragraph.
If you are unsure, follow the PIE to develop your paragraphs.


P (point) This is your topic sentence. Ask yourself “what is my point?”

I (illustration) This is your “expert” supporting your topic sentence. This is your outside
source, your statistics, paraphrased material, direct quotes, or summaries.

E (explanation) Don’t end your paragraph with your outside sources since your reader is
more interested in your argument, not your outside sources.


You should cite and use evidence appropriately . And proper citation is easy: give
Author’s last name and page numbers where possible (Smith 3) and otherwise,
internet sources, should be appropriately cited using the latest version of MLA. Further, refer to a handbook or the library which has a handout available online. You need to cite evidence to support all major points. Avoid plot summary.

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