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Tips on writing a perfect Essay

Tips on writing a perfect Essay

Tips on writing a perfect Essay: Essays are not only crucial to admission in a college or university, but also needed to take you through the studies. Many students dread writing as it involves a lot o research and creativity. But how do you go about it?

Get a suitable topic

Sometime the topic is given or a question provided. When given a question, break it down and design a question based on the main ideas of the topic.  Remember this is where your essay is going to take direction from. A suitable topic will make your essay easy to write, while a complex one will make your task very difficult.

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Prepare an essay outline

Why is an outline important? First, it points out the major areas of the essay you need to cover. It will also enable you to balance content in your paper so that nothing is left out and you do no give some parts too much attention and barely write on others.

Design a great thesis statement

A thesis statement is normally the last sentence of the introductory paragraph. It explicitly gives the direction of the essay, and states the stand of the writer. Mainly, the topic and the thesis statement determine how successful you will be in writing your essay.

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Write the body

Do good research, gather required materials, read through and begin writing the paper. With the outline, you can begin with any part, adding in information in the different sections. Ensure there is logical flow of the content.

Write an introduction

We did not have an introductory part! This section gives the background of the paper, and having read so much when writing the body, it is very easy to write a suitable background to the paper now. Be sure to add the thesis statement to the introduction.

Write the conclusion

It is time to write the conclusion now. With the paper introduction and body done, summarize the major findings of the paper and restate the stand of the writer in different words. The conclusion should reinforce the thesis statement and findings of the paper.

Proofread and edit

Finally, proofread and edit your work to ensure logical flow, connection of ideas, and meeting requirements. Ensure the paper has perfect grammar and no plagiarism! If you followed the provided instructions, you will hardly find any copied word in your paper.

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