In infectious illnesses, the unpredictability of pandemic outbreaks (agents, time, and location) is a given.

In infectious illnesses, the unpredictability of pandemic outbreaks (agents, time, and location) is a given.

Nursing knowledge and skills gaps in screening, illness detection, quick response, community participation, inter- and intra-agency communication, governmental notification, and coordination do not have to be obstacles to appropriate and timely responses.

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A key gap in our capacity to control new infections is the inability to create a coordinated system of health care professionals who appreciate the necessity of recognizing and disseminating information about the diagnosis of a disease.



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Covid-19 started early 2020 in like March as the new pandemic of this century.

It originated I Wuhan, China and spread like wildfire in a matter of weeks and months. Before you knew it the world had been in a lock down.

It is a virus that attacks the respiratory system and can present itself asymptomatic or with some flu-like symptoms.




This pandemic showed how unprepared we were to handle this, and it showed on our nurses through out the country.



Due to not knowing about the virus extreme measures had to be taken to prevent the spread.



This led to nurses being burnt and overworked, precaution steps to enter their own home, and extra hours at work.




How covid-19 has affected nursing


The profession itself has exploded in this last year, due to the high demand of nurses and travel nursing paying well, also currently nurses not wanting to get vaccinated are being fired.

As a nursing student myself COVID-19 has diminished the nursing school experience. Virtual learning is not for everyone, and it also hindered the amount of actual clinical hours we got.

At the same time hospitals are resulting to hiring just about anyone no matter if recently graduated because there is such a need for nurses, which I guess is a positive.


How this will influence my role

I want to say that I am prepared to work in a hospital, but the fact is that I don’t think any of us new graduates are prepared to tackle the amount of work ahead of us.

Depending on the census of the hospital, the ratio of patients to nurses is bound to change. I have to be prepared to give efficient care to maybe 6 patients at a time.

COVID-19 has probably steered some people away from the profession, but I think that if I can handle this obstacke than it will just make me that much better of a nurse.

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