Define your position on each of the initiatives and whether you agreed with the organization’s position and advocacy platform.

 Define your position on each of the initiatives and whether you agreed with the organization’s position and advocacy platform.

HB 221- In Ohio, we practice independently, but still must have a collaboration agreement on file with the Ohio Board of Nursing (OBN) to practice. I am in complete support of the removal of the SCA.  APRNs provide competent, compassionate, cost-efficient care, and removing the requirement to have an SCA with a physician will update the law and positively impact health policy.  In rural areas of Ohio, often the only available provider is an APRN, and it is often difficult, and costly to find a physician willing to enter an SCA with them.  That provides a significant challenge for patients when seeking care. (Peterson, 2017).

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CARES Act- I am in complete support of this initiative and recognize how impactful it has been in my quest as an APRN seeking home services for my patients. Prior to the CARES act, I would have to rely on my collaborating physician to sign off any home care orders that I placed. This often created a barrier to the timely implementation of needed services. This is one of many factors that negatively impact an APRN’s ability to successfully care for patients on their own panels.

HB 191- Nationwide, there has been a growing initiative to allow all APPs to practice at the fullest extent of their license, and Ohio is no different (Poghosyan, 2017). I support this initiative and my APP colleagues in advancing the scope of their practice. The passage of this bill will allow efficient and cost-effective anesthesia care to all individuals, allowing CRNAs to practice in alignment with their education, experience, and APP peers

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