EXECUTIVE SUMMARY, OUTCOME MEASURES FOR MEDICAL ERRORS Comment by Dr. Cockerham: Should be in bold font, but not all upper case

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY, OUTCOME MEASURES FOR MEDICAL ERRORS Comment by Dr. Cockerham: Should be in bold font, but not all upper case

Jessica Ramos

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Capella University

NURS-FPX6212: Health Care Quality Safety Management

Dr. Mary Ellen Cockerham

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September 9, 2021







Executive Summary, Outcome Measures for Medical Errors

Medication errors are prevalent in the healthcare sector, and they pose a potent threat to the quality of medical care advanced to the patients. Márquez-Hernández (2019) states that 70% of nurses have made a medication error in the course of their practice. The costs incurred due to medication errors surpass billions of dollars. In the United States, expenses incurred due to medication errors are approximately $6.5 billion (Gorgich et al., 2016). Besides losses of revenue, medication errors result in severe injury to patients, longer hospitalization spans, new conditions such as skin rashes and itching. Additionally, medication errors can cause disability or death. Gorgich et al. (2016) assert that 30% of impacted medical errors die or develop disabilities lasting over six months. Therefore, medication errors have a significant impact on patient safety, hindering the realization of quality medical care. The health institution’s quality and safety gap analysis indicated a high prevalence of medication errors, which need an intervention to mitigate them. This executive summary describes the outcome measures to be employed in change implementation efforts and the role of leadership in addressing medication errors in the healthcare organization. Comment by Dr. Cockerham: This is a good introduction

Executive Summary on the Gap

The findings from the undertaken safety gap analysis have shown an urgent need to address the prevalent medical errors in the organization. Medical errors present a significant challenge towards achieving quality medical care. Prescribing drugs is one of the most complex and vital aspects of nursing care hence requires a high level of quality control to realize quality healthcare services. From the safety gap analysis in the healthcare institution, medication errors resulted in adverse consequences such as increased hospitalization costs, increased length of stays, distrust from the patients and other clients, severe injury, and death. In the organization, medical errors have been increasing for the last two years, posing a dangerous trend that poses the above-named adverse effects to the organization and its clients. Hence, there is a need to craft effective interventions to address this issue.

Quality and Safety Outcomes

This is where I want to hear about YOUR organization. Remember this is an executive summary. Your leaders are wanting to hear about your organiziaotns problems. Perhaps you would inform the leaders that a gap analysix showed that in your organization there is a problem with medication errors. Then describe your findings. Leader do not want to read “general statements” an executive summary is about YOUR organization and your problems compared to best practice.

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