1. What are the signs of benzodiazepine toxicity? How is it treated?

1. What are the signs of benzodiazepine toxicity? How is it treated?
How do local anesthetics work? Why are vasoconstrictors often used with local anesthetics?
Why are local anesthetics with epinephrine not used near toes, fingers, noses, ears, or penis? Describe balanced anesthesia.
What is the mechanism of action of inhaled anesthetics?
Describe minimum alveolar concentration.
Name 3 adverse effects of general anesthetics and the nursing care appropriate to help with these effects.
4. Name two classes of medications used to treat ADHD.
5. What is the difference between drug abuse and drug addiction.
6. What is the difference between opioid tolerance and physical dependence?
7. What class of medications is first line treatment for alcohol withdrawal?
8. Name two non-nicotine drugs used to aid in smoking cessation
9. What are the signs of opioid withdrawal?
What are some medical uses of marijuana or cannabinoids

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