Explain why collaboration is important in managing a patient.

Respond to the following and support your summary and recommendations plan with a minimum of two APRN-approved scholarly resources. You must answer all parts of this discussion question to receive full credit.

  • Explain why collaboration is important in managing a patient.
  • What is your responsibility as an AGACNP in the outpatient setting?
  • How does it differ from an inpatient setting?
  • Discuss a situation in which you have successfully collaborated or delegated to ensure the patient’s plan of care goes as planned.
  • The patient needs may be emotional, spiritual, or physical in nature. Include discussion of how the Christian worldview perspective can be applied to meet these patient needs.

Comparing Humanistic-Existential Psychotherapy With Other Approaches

The Assignment

  • Briefly describe humanistic-existential psychotherapy and the second approach you selected.
  • Explain at least three differences between these therapies. Include how these differences might impact your practice as a PMHNP.

Leadership Role

Reflect on a time when you worked effectively as part of an interprofessional team and on your own individual performance within the team. What role did you play within the team? How did you contribute to a positive team dynamic? Describe one leadership practice that can support collaborative practice and effectiveness within an interprofessional team. 

Discuss with your preceptor and articulate one objective defining how you have integrated or how you will integrate the competency of interprofessional team effectiveness into your practicum experience

System Leadership

Many of us can think of leaders we have come to admire, be they historical figures, pillars of the industry we work in, or leaders we know personally. The leadership of individuals such as Abraham Lincoln and Margaret Thatcher has been studied and discussed repeatedly. However, you may have interacted with leaders you feel demonstrated equally competent leadership without ever having a book written about their approaches.

What makes great leaders great? Every leader is different, of course, but one area of commonality is the leadership philosophy that great leaders develop and practice. A leadership philosophy is basically an attitude held by leaders that acts as a guiding principle for their behavior. While formal theories on leadership continue to evolve over time, great leaders seem to adhere to an overarching philosophy that steers their actions.

What is your leadership philosophy? In this Assignment, you will explore what guides your own leadership.

Foro Directrices Anticipadas

En nuestro rol de enfermería constantemente nos enfrentamos con diferentes controversias sobre las determinaciones que deben tomar los clientes que se encuentran bajo nuestro cuidado.

Luego de ver el vídeo sobre Directrices Anticipadas, que se encuentra en la página https://www.nia.nih.gov/health/advance-care-planning-healthcare-directives (Enlaces a un sitio externo.),


contestarán las siguientes preguntas:

1.¿Qué son directrices anticipadas?

2.¿ Cuando se deben implementar estas directrices?

3. ¿Cuales son las implicaciones ético-legales, sociales y culturales, morales, espirituales que se deben considerar al momento de redactar estas directrices ?

 4. Explica, ¿qué es donación de órganos? ¿cúal es tu rol como enfermera (o) dentro de este protocolo en relación a las directrices anticipadas?

Tarea Aspectos Contemporáneos De La Práctica Profesional De Enfermería

III. Estimado de valores éticos-legales, social, moral, espiritual y valores artísticos, estéticos, humanísticos en la ejecución de la profesión de enfermería en la adaptación del adulto con condiciones inadaptadas.

A. Código de ética y valores de la profesión de enfermería-  https://cpepr.org/leyes-y-reglamentos/

a. Diversidad cultural- artículo adjunto Grisel. 

– reflexiones

Morality, Ethics, And Religion

Step 1:

Choose either Option A or Option B and post a 150+ word discussion by Wednesday, 11:59 pm MT,

Be specific and give examples, using at least two outside references, to buttress your argument. You may refer to your personal religious views but it is not necessary. Cite all sources in APA format.

Option A:

“Religious pluralists… claim that there is a common core of ideas found among the world’s religious traditions.” (Mackinnon & Fiale, 2018, p. 28.)


Using your reading in this course so far and other research, discuss the ethical ramifications of this statement. 

Option B:


Using your reading in this course so far and other research, compare and/or contrast the function of morality and religion from an ethical perspective.

Definition Of Health

Week 1 Discussion: Definition of Health

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Step 1 Think about a particular community and family within that community that you are familiar with. Reference that community and family in your answers to the following prompts.

Step 2 Answer the following questions in your initial post due Wednesday at 11:59 pm Mountain Time:

  • Describe the relationship between the family’s definition of health and the community’s definition of health.
  • Describe the relationship between the family’s concept of health promotion and that of the community. Explain how the family’s concept of health promotion affects the community’s definition of health promotion.
  • Explain the influence of family beliefs and values on the definition of health and their relationship to health promotion.

APA , Nursing

**A Substantive post/reply includes ALL of the following: (1) At least 250 words in length (not including the question or reference listed at the end of the post); (2) Includes at least one (1) source properly cited per APA format WITHIN the post; (3) Includes the cited source properly referenced/listed at the end of the post in correct APA format; (4) include a personal perspective and/or clinical example; and (5) the tone of the post is appropriate for the classroom setting


You analyzed ethical, legal, and regulatory components in nursing practice to develop a plan to resolve a problem and its scope.

Respond to the following in a minimum of 250 words.

  • What do you think the biggest source of data will be for your project?
  • How are you going to analyze the data?

Oxygenation And Physiological Needs


Think about the priorities inherent in the basic care and comfort needs of clients. After meeting the need for oxygenation, identify and briefly discuss the following:

  • Which need is the next priority for you
  • How a change in health status would affect meeting that basic need.
  • Discuss what actions a nurse could take to assist you with this change.