Vertical farming, Vertical garden, Rooftop garden.

The main focus is on the first one. United Arab Emirates (UAE). The second one and third one are just to give you more options and ideas about what you are writing about. There are some questions that need to be answered. A- Identify a problem in a case study? 1- Identify the most important facts surrounding the case. 2- Identify the key issue or issues. 3- Specify alternative courses of action. 4- Evaluate each course of action. 5- Recommend the best course of action. B- prepare for a case study? Step 1: Determine the type and focus of the case. … Step 2: Pick a context and gather general knowledge and intuition. … Step 3: Make up a hypothetical client and a key question. … Step 4: Don’t think of an issue tree or a framework, instead, gather facts on the case. … C- write a case study question? Read and Examine the Case Thoroughly. Take notes, highlight relevant facts, underline key problems. Focus Your Analysis. Identify two to five key problems. … Uncover Possible Solutions/Changes Needed. Review course readings, discussions, outside research, your experience. Select the Best Solution. D- Follow the 7 steps of a case study. (1) Justification for the research paradigm and research methodology, (2) Justification for the case study method, (3) Criteria for judging the quality of case study design (4) Designing the case study, (5) Criteria for selecting a case design, (6) Data collection, (7) Case study analysis. While this article reviews the case study approach. The Case Study is about the First one. 1. UAE (Food City: Dubai’s Self-Sufficient Ecotopia). (Update 13th May 2009). 2. Africa’s first “Vertical forest” by an Italian architect. (Update 6th August 2019). 3. China unveils plans for the world’s first pollution-eating Forest City. (Update 21st July 2017). Example of the question for the case study. 1- What is this Case study is about? (UAE)- a new city that has Self-Sufficient food security. 2- How did they design the new city? 3- What are the key elements in this city? 4- What did they use to develop thier idea? 5- What are the most outcome from it? 6- what are the aims of this city? 7- How could they approach the aims? 8- what is the size of the city? 9- How many people could fit in the city and how many people it could feed? 10- What are the most important layer of this project?

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Vertical farming, Vertical garden, Rooftop garden.
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